LegalHelix. We are the G in ESG. Globally.

We make international compliance expertise accessible and executable for everyone – as the global regtech platform providing up-to-date interpretation of domestic, foreign and transnational legislative, regulatory, and integrity obligations – in clear terms.

We provide world-class quality.

„We are like 150 law offices from around the globe who digitally enable the protection of you and your company from liability – at a fraction of the cost.“ – Prof. William Laufer, Partner of LegalHelix and Co-director of The Carol and Lawrence Zicklin Center, Wharton School.​

As the world’s only global digital solution that enables this protection, LegalHelix delivers premium regulatory information. Our geographical advantage is necessary for an effective understanding of compliance requisites for transnational companies.​

Our handpicked globe-spanning team brings an outstanding understanding of all relevant legal, regulatory, ESG and business integrity risks. Each respective team member belongs to the best in their legal fields of expertise either as top-notch practitioners or are from the most prestigious universities or business schools.​

And in these very innovating times where generative AI is making huge strides forward, we provide what Large Language Models (LLMs) currently cannot, namely, the assurance that our data is correct. Using three layers of quality control you can be confident that our insights are absolutely reliable.

Our mission is your non-liability!

Non-liability requires a thorough understanding of relevant legal, regulatory, compliance, and integrity risks for services, products and structures – and this everywhere you do business.


It is here that our team of prominent experts based locally across the globe constantly have their eyes and ears open to directly understand what ensuing changes mean for you.


We leverage our fundamental knowledge of and contact to local authorities, regulators, institutions, businesses and key organizations to ensure that we are always aware of developments that affect you doing business internationally.

We provide clarity.

Domestic and international businesses are fraught with a wide range of risks – risks that are virtually impossible to fully control in the absence of a single consolidated knowledge platform.


At the same time, diligence expectations of regulators are increasing at an exponential rate. The line between legal and integrity risks is no longer so clear with the emergence of a consensus around the measurement of ESG accomplishments.


By using our platform, containing clear interpretations and insights as to what can be done in your business to remain compliant, non-liability is achievable.


And if you need support to implement these changes, our network of international expert partners can help you make sure everything fits perfectly.

Our approach.

  1. Constant monitoring, identification and reporting of new, pending and forthcoming legal and regulatory obligations.
  2. Provision of information to clients in an easily comprehendible, user-friendly and secure manner which meets the IT requirements of the client.
  3. Leveraging of legal and regulatory knowledge of lawyers, legal academics, business ethicists, and a critical review committee to ensure the necessary quality of all information found on the platform.

Our scope.

LegalHelix covers all relevant international regulations including ESG, financial criminal law, corporate liability, liability of managers, etc.


We constantly monitor developments regarding legislative and consultations, regulation, jurisprudence, investigations, statistics regarding law enforcement, standards and norms, relevant press releases, media and other sources.

Our solution.

As an SAAS (Software As A Service) solution, you can subscribe either to our web app “LEXSYS” or our data feed “LEXDATA” in order to import information directly into your existing compliance management system.

Data capture and quality control.

Our prominently staffed “Scientific Committee” ensures that our locally based experts are particularly aware of global trends and specific needs of our customers.


Data is captured locally within the respective legal jurisdictions by these experts and then, after a thorough quality screening process, is released by our operational quality assurance team.

LEXDATA – quality input, always.

The quality assured data in our system is primarily sorted by three categories:


  • jurisdiction (e.g. federal level within a country)
  • source (e.g. law or regulation), and
  • topic (e.g. cybercrime).


This provides the basis for our customer to ensure that they receive the insights which are relevant specifically to their business.

The LEXSYS web app.

Through the use of our LEXSYS web app, customers can access and filter  relevant data proactively (i.e. “on demand”) and can also choose to be automatically informed by email about relevant developments within certain jurisdictions or regarding specific topics.


The system also allows for customers to export data to be used further in Microsoft Excel or other apps such as Google Sheets.

Our data.

Within each specific jurisdiction, there are many entities and regulators who determine legal obligations. We constantly monitor these to ensure that our customers receive the information they require. Should the monitoring of additional regulators for a customer be necessary, we can expand our scope to include these upon request.


Likewise, additional content topics can be covered depending on the specific branch in which the customer is active.

Our core process.

We follow a streamlined process to ensure that clear interpretations and concrete measures are captured locally, followed by a rigorous quality assurance to ensure a consistent added-value for our customers.